X-ray Services

What is an X-ray?

X-ray is usually use to examine different parts of the body such as chest, pelvis, bone and abdomen for injuries, infection or abnormalities. It is a common type of medical imaging that produces images of the structures inside your body as X-ray beams penetrates through it. Dense materials, such as bone and metal, will appear as white on X-rays while Soft materials such as fat and muscle will show up as darker images on the film.

Common use of X-ray

  • Diagnose bone and joint injuries and diseases
  • Evaluation of heart, lungs and surrounding anatomy

Types of X-ray available

  • Body
  • Skull
  • Spine
  • Lower Extremities
  • Upper Extremities

Items to bring?

  1. Any referral form,
  2. NRIC/Work Permit/Passport
  3. Any prior X-ray films or X-ray reports

X-ray Preparation

No special preparation needed for general x-ray screening

FAQ X-ray

  1. Is x-ray painful?
    Ans: X-ray is not painful, however you may be asked to hold your body in certain positions which may cause some discomfort while the image is being taken.
  2. Is x-ray harmful?
    Ans: Generally, the amount of radiation you are exposed to during an X-ray is low. The risk of getting cancer after being exposed to x-ray is considered to be very small too.
  3. Can I do x-ray if I am pregnant?
    Ans: Please inform your doctor that you are pregnant before doing an x-ray as unborn baby are more easily affected by radiation than an adult. Your doctor may consider using another imaging test such as ultrasound instead.


X-ray facilities and services are available in our following clinics: Bedok, Jurong Point, Pioneer, Teban Garden, Taman Jurong, Tuas Amenity Centre.