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Personal Wellness

Health Screening is an essential step in taking charge of your health. It allows you to detect disease at the earliest stage in order to maintain your health and well-being and to prevent disabilities and illnesses later in life.

Through health screening, we aim to help you better understand and manage your health. We have various health screening options that will provide a clearer picture of your health, and packages can also be customized with advice from our doctors.

After the screening, a personalized medical report will be given to you and our doctors will go through the results with you, making suitable recommendations and working with you towards a healthy, happy life.

**Optional Items:

  • Audiometry Air Conduction $16
  • Audiometry Bone Conduction $14
  • Pap Smear (Conventional Slides): $30
  • Pap Smear (Surepath): $62.50
  • Spirometry (Lung Function) $28                                             
  • Resting ECG $28
  • Exercise Treadmill ECG $180 
  • Chest X-Ray $30
  • Ultrasound $100 per test; $80 per test (if doing 2 or more tests): a) Abdomen (inclusive of kidneys) ; b) Hepatobiliary System; c) KUB; d) Thyroid; e) Pelvis [F];  f) Breast [F]; g) Prostate [M]. Ultrasound screenings are only available weekdays at Jurong Imaging Centre (beside AcuMed Jurong Point).              
  • Gastroscopy $1,490
  • Colonoscopy $2,500                 
  • Gastroscopy + Colonoscopy  $3,350

**Rates are applicable only if taken as add-ons to AcuMed Health Screening Package and valid for 1 month from the date of post-consultation.

Prices stated are before GST

All health screening packages are only available in the morning up to 10.30 am, Mondays-Saturdays.

Not sure which screening package is right for you? Call us, and let our health care team guide you.

Corporate Screenings

With our comprehensive facilities, a full range of health screening is available for our corporate clients’ employees and staff.

We provide onsite health screening services, where our team will go down to your workplace to conduct health screenings for your team. This allows you to conduct your health screening projects at your workplace, with minimal disruption to your employees’ schedule. In addition, you can tap on the SME Health+ and Workplace Alliance for Health funding for such corporate health screenings.

After the corporate health screening, you will receive a Corporate Health Summary Report, which will provide you with a better picture and understanding of your team’s health. In addition to summarizing the screening results, we also provide information on various conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension, as well as tips and advice on managing such conditions.

In addition, each participant will receive a customized health screening report, with comments by our doctor. This allows individuals to understand their health screening report clearly. We also welcome individuals to follow up on their results with our doctors in the clinic.

If you are curious, do drop us a note, and we can send you a sample of both our Corporate Health Summary Report and the individual reports.

Should you have any corporate requirements, we will be happy to work with you to customize packages as well.

Medical Examinations

We offer the following medical examinations in our clinics:

Occupational Examinations

  • Class 4 Driving License Renewal (for 65 years and above)
  • Firefighters
  • Food Handlers
  • Height Workers / Scaffolders
  • Mongolian Maritime
  • Seafarers
  • PSA
  • SCDF
  • Shell/Bukom

General Examinations

  • Insurance Check-Up
  • Outward Bound Singapore

Statutory Medical Examinations

  • Six-Monthly Medical Examination for Foreign Domestic Workers
  • Work Permit (New Application and Renewal)
  • S-Pass
  • Employment Pass
  • Dependent Pass
  • Audiometry

We are able to perform Work Permit/S Pass/Employment Pass examinations and other statutory examinations. Our panel of Designated Workplace Doctors (DWDs) can advise you on Occupational Health Issues for Statutory Medical Examinations as well.

Our range of facilities/equipment include:-

  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry (lung function)
  • ECG
  • Height and Weight
  • Vision test
  • Phlebotomy services (blood drawing)
More details are available for the following services below:

Please contact us at 6566 3311 or through our contact form to find out more.