How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made by contacting our medical outlet nearest either to your home or workplace.


I prefer to be seen and examined by a female doctor; do you have a female doctor in your clinic?

Yes, we do have female doctor in our clinic. Please contact us to make your appointment


Does your clinic manage and treat infants and children?

Yes, our doctors are trained to handle and treat infants and children.


Can your doctor recommend me to a specialist for further management in the event needs arise?

Yes, we have panels of specialist in both restructured and private hospitals. Our doctor will refer you to them according
to your illnesses and requirements.


Does your clinic provide vaccination for travellers?

Yes, we have various types of vaccine available in our clinics. Our doctor will be happy to assist you.


What does health screening involved?

Depending on which packages is chosen, a health screening can includes blood, urine or stool tests with physical examinations by a doctor. Other procedures such as visual acuity, X-ray and ultrasound for early detection of disease may also be included.


Why should I go for health screening?

Health screening helps you find out if you have any disease or condition even if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms and/or signs of disease. Early detection, followed by treatment / investigation can result in better prognosis, and lowers the risk of serious complications.


Why should I go for Health Screenings if I do not have any symptoms?

Many people are at risk for diseases such as cancer, stroke or heart disease but experience no signs and symptoms. Early detection of the diseases can prevent major consequences.


At what age should I go for Health Screening?

This is a personal decision, based on your risk factors and family history. You can consult our doctors who will recommend you the type of Health Screening package which suits you.


What should I do after screening?

If your screening results are normal, continue to go for regular screening as recommended by the doctor. If your screening results are abnormal, our doctor will recommend further tests or treatments if necessary


How long will the health screening take?

The health screening will take about two to three hours to complete depending on the types of package you take.


Can I schedule my Health Screening later in the day, as I am working in the day?

Yes, we have clinics which open on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Please see locations.


Can I eat and drink before health screening?

This depends on the type of tests involved. If the tests involve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, you will need to fast for 10 to 12 hours before your medical check-up. It is important to drink plenty of plain water and avoid teas and coffees before your blood tests.


Are there any Corporate Health Screening Packages for my staff?

Yes, we also provide customize and corporate health screening packages according to your corporate requirements and risk factors. We do provide standard corporate health screening packages.


How do I make a request for Corporate Health Screening Packages?

Requests for Corporate Health Screening Packages can be directed to


Do you provide medical check-ups for students enrolling into local University or Polytechnic?

Yes, we do provide medical check-ups for students enrolling into tertiary educations locally or overseas.


Does your clinic provide Chronic Disease Management?

Yes, our clinics are accredited to Ministry of Health to manage and treat Chronic Diseases.


I am a foreigner and will be working in Singapore; does your clinic provide pre-employment medical check-ups?

Yes, we do. Depending on your type of employment, we provide a full range of Pre-Employment / Fitness For Work Medical Check Ups, Work Pass (Work Permit, S Pass and E Pass) and Work Pass Renewal Medical Check Ups and Vocational Medical Check Ups.